Founder & CMD

With over four decades of experience in shipping, it would be fit to call him the anchor of Chandra. As a co-founder and esteemed industry leader, Sreeram's pragmatic leadership, expertise and guidance have been key in steering SCBC to the successful entity it is today. He is head of overall strategy playing a pivotal role across functions with additional focus on risk, compliances and governance at the group level.


Executive Director

Dynamic, young and tenacious leader of SCBC, he shares his father's passion for the sea and an exceptional business acumen. A risk specialist with strategy as his core competency, his creativity and drive have been key in etching the company's unique positioning in the market. A continuous innovator who leads in true entrepreneurial spirit and pushes the boundaries to reinvent himself and the company, Venkat is head of marketing with specific focus on building strategic alliances across all segments.


Director Operations

He brings with him over 18 years of multi sectoral experience aiding in effective grass roots level management of operations. He oversees operational communication, coordination and is head of liaison. His stable leadership has been crucial in aligning day to day management with SCBC's long term goal and vision. His role has been key in enhancing the company's unswerving commitment to growth and profitability by ensuring the interests of all stakeholders are vested.