Besides the above though not exhaustive our presence is very much in OIL & GAS EXPLORATION SECTOR too. In brief we arrange Statutory Permissions in connection with OIL & GAS (Exploration and Production) i.e. Essentiality Certificates from Director General of Hydrocarbons, Permissions from Directorate General of Shipping, Naval Clearances, Clearances from Ministry of Home Affairs for foreign expatriates, Licenses from Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), NED Passes, Foreign Ship Crew Sign-On/Sign-Off, Logistics arrangement by Road, Rail, Sea and Air, Open and Closed Warehousing facilitation, Shore Base Management, Support services for Seismic Survey, Dredging & Drilling of Oil Wells on-shore and off-shore. SHRI CHANDRA’s Expertise is to provide technical assistance/ Vendor Support for repairs, Fabrications, underwater services, arranging surveys and work shop repairs. SHRI CHANDRA provides consultancy and liaison services in Port Operations, Chartering, Ship Broking and Project works etc. SHRI CHANDRA is well designed with necessary infrastructure, statutory licenses in all branches and well experienced, professional and reliable personnel to attend and execute the committed job as per commitment with highest efficiency and ability.

Our Services:
1. Steamer agency
2. Essentiality Certs from (Director General of Hydrocarbons & Ministry Natural Gas & Petroleum, Specific Period License from DG Shipping)
3. MOHA (Ministry of IB)
4. ODAG (Ministry of Defence)
5. Licenses & Permissions from DGFT
6. Customs & Port clearance
7. Specific permissions from MMD
8. Arrangement of Class Surveys
9. Technical and Manpower deployment
10. Stevedoring
11. Freight Forwarding
12. Logistics (road, rail, sea & air)
13. Ship Supplies
14. Ship repairs
15. Heavy equipment supplies
16. Warehouse Management
17. MMD Survey
18. Crew sign on sign off
19. FRRO
20. NED passes
21. Ship certifications
22. Bunkers supply
23. Trans-shipment permits
24. Explosive licenses
25. Post inward outward movement
26. Shore Base Management
27. Support services for Seismic Survey
28. Dredging & Drilling of Oil Wells on-shore and off-shore services.
29. Heavy Equipment Supply etc.,
30. CHA
31. Hotel Booking & Accommodation
32. Cab Supply
33. Visa Extension
34. Immigration
35. Labour Permit
36. Quarantine. e.t.c.