Founded In 2009, Shri Chandra Bulk Cargo (SCBC) Services Is A Private Limited Company And An Offshoot Of Chandra Group Of Companies Headquartered In East Godavari District Of Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. Equipped With An Extensive Network Of Offices In Both The East And West Coast Of India, SCBC Has Established Itself As India's One Stop Shop For Shipping Besides Also Earning Itself A Stellar Reputation And An Illustrious String Of Accolades For Charting New Horizons In The Shipping, Logistics And Maritime Industry. Professionalism, A Relentless Drive And An Innate Ability To Deliver The Impossible Have Catapulted SCBC To The Top As The Most Preferred Partner Across Multiple Value Chains And Stake Holder Groups.Commitment To Results, Unrivalled Expertise And An Indisputable Performance Orientation Are All Deeply Ingrained In The SCBC Narrative. SCBC Has Been Awarded The Best CHA Award Consecutively For The Last 2 Years By The Customs Department, Government Of India. As A Way Of Reinventing Itself By Challenging Conventions Through Innovation, SCBC Is Now Eagerly Diversifying Into And Heavily Investing In The Construction Of Terminal Infrastructure To Facilitate Long Term Growth Of The Container Industry. SCBC Envisions For Its Customers A Sustainable Yet Reliable Worldwide Network That Is Immaculately Organised With Thorough Expertise Underpinned By Infallible Delivery Of Performance To Serve Them Passionately And Efficiently In A Global Arena Which Seamlessly Manifests Into Real Time Results For Their Time As Well As Money.

SCBC has grown to be highly reputable first class shipping company specializing in attending Liquid Bulk, General Bulk, Break Bulk, Containerized cargo clearances, Steamer Agency and Oil & Gas Exploration Clearances etc. Over the years SCBC providing comprehensive, high quality services in INDIA to many cargo receivers and shippers. SCBC standards of service include 24/7 attendance.

Our Services:
1. Trade Services
2. Freight Forwarding
3. Steamer Agency
4. Cross Country Trading
5. CHA (Customs House Agent) 6. International Logistics
7. Warehousing & related Services
8. On Shore & On Site Services
9. Off Shore Services
10. Vessel Chartering
11. Project Cargo Clearances
12. OOG Clearances
13. ODC Clearances
14. Break Bulk Cargo Clearances
15. General Bulk Cargo Clearances
16. Liquid Bulk Cargo Clearances
17. Hazardous Cargo Clearances
18. Container Cargo Clearances

EXPERTISE IN LIQUID/ GENERAL DRY BULK / HEAVY MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT HANDLING. Having experience in handling and providing supportive services to all liquid bulk (Veg Oils, Petro Chemicals, Bio-diesel and bitumen etc.), General Bulk Cargoes ( Coal, Raw Sugar, Feldspar, Bentonite etc.) and Break-bulk cargoes (Agri products/Minerals and Metals etc.), Containerized Cargoes, Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Equipment Clearances, Rigs, Tugs and Ships Import & Re-Export Clearances, Dredging Equipment Clearances, Supply of Logistic Services, Bunkers for Ships etc. and Obtaining Statutory Licenses & Permissions for respective clearances.

Agency Services:
SCBC has provided comprehensive Steamer Agency Services to Fleet Owners, Charterers etc. The quality of offered services listed below sets SCBCPL at the forefront of the industry: SCBC maintains long term relationships with the Port Authorities, Immigration, Quarantine, stevedoring companies, Survey, P & I Clubs and Customs.
1. Rapport with port authorities for allotment of suitable berths on vessels’ arrival to the port (unless all suitable berths are pre-occupied)
2. Strong relationship with all statutory bodies like Director General Shipping, Mercantile Marine department and Nautical officers
3. Crew sign on /off matters and obtaining of travel permits and visa renewals/ extensions etc.
4. Arrangement of all ship’s related surveys ( Renewals/ Temporary)
5. Extension of De-ratting Certs validity & Quarantine clearances
6. Supply arrangements of Ships’ stores on exigency matters.
7. Arrangement of repairs, tank cleaning, hatch cleaning gangs to meet vessels’ requirement from time to time basis.
8. In the event of emergency, arrangement of Ships’ required gear
9. Assistance in Medical Services for ship’s crew.
10. Arrangement of Travel (Domestic/International) for ship’ officers/ crew and company personnel.
11. The company is also well-connected to local suppliers, thereby ensuring a fast turnover of vessels and smooth operations at competitive spirit.
12. Coordinating the loading and discharging of vessels with Port Authorities.
13. Clearance of Vessels from the Customs front for compliance of on arrival formalities, Entry inwards/outwards, Preventive and Rummage departments and bond store etc.
14. Co-coordinating loading / discharging with various cargo interests in Indian Ports
15. Determining order of loading / discharging of vessels for best efficiency with regard to project and over dimensional cargoes.
16. On-line reports to clients
17. Customs clearance services.
Husbandry Services:
SCBC acts regularly attending and assisting as protecting agents for various owners calling Indian ports, providing 24/7 service to meet all needs of both vessel and crew.
1. Telephone services / mobile phone for ship's master
2. Supply of fresh water, provisions, bunkers & lube oil
3. Medical services
4. Mail and courier services
5. Co-ordination of repairs when required including ship yard repairs
6. Crew SIGN ON / OFF services
7. FRRO REGISTRATION services and co-ordination.
8. Visa extension and travel permits sanction services
9. Logistics support services
10. Permissions for Coastal conversion to vessels,
11. Permission for Coastal Licenses
12. Naval clearances
13. Specified Period License from DG Shipping for Coastal ply and so on.